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Ok, finally ready for sale is our Toyota FJ TRD Trail Team Edition Wheels. We used a brand new TRD FJ accessory wheel, and strip it down, and powdercoat them. The powdercoat is a much stronger finish than the original paint (how the trail team trucks come). Because of this, they are not identical to the original FJ Trail Team wheels, but they are close, and will look great on any FJ or Tacoma! You will recieve a full set of lugnuts, the original black center cap with the red TRD logo engraved. The wheel in the picture is one of our reproduction wheels!! Sold Each.

Currently a two week delay on shipment.

You can always call us directly at 480-218-2516

Note: Wheel is 16 inch x 7.5 inch with a 15mm offset (same offset as OE 17 inch alloy wheel). 6 on 5.5 inch bolt circle (6 on 139.7mm P.C.D.). Wheel is TPMS compatible.


Set of 4 Tacoma TX-Pro Beadlock Wheel Black
These wheels are BACK IN STOCK!!!
The Tacoma TX-Pro Beadlock replica wheels. We produce these wheels exactly how we have produced the FJ Cruiser Trail Team Replica wheels for the past two years. They start off as a brand new TRD beadlock wheel, then they are stripped, and coated with our special matte black powdercoat. They are a dead ringer for the original TX-Pro wheel that is coming on the special edition 2011 Tacoma's.
Each set comes with 4 wheels, the TRD brushed aluminum centercap, brushed aluminum beadlock ring, and a set of TRD splined/locked lugnuts. They do work with TPMS sensors for all Toyota alloy wheels.

Set of 4 wheels.
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