Set of 4 Tacoma TX-Pro Beadlock Wheel Black

Set of 4 Tacoma TX-Pro Beadlock Wheel Black
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Product Description

These wheels are BACK IN STOCK!!!
The Tacoma TX-Pro Beadlock replica wheels. We produce these wheels exactly how we have produced the FJ Cruiser Trail Team Replica wheels for the past two years. They start off as a brand new TRD beadlock wheel, then they are stripped, and coated with our special matte black powdercoat. They are a dead ringer for the original TX-Pro wheel that is coming on the special edition 2011 Tacoma's.
Each set comes with 4 wheels, the TRD brushed aluminum centercap, brushed aluminum beadlock ring, and a set of TRD splined/locked lugnuts. They do work with TPMS sensors for all Toyota alloy wheels.

Set of 4 wheels.