Rear Seat Entertainment, Active Headrest

Rear Seat Entertainment, Active Headrest
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Product Description

The Genuine Toyota Rear Seat Entertainment System allows the Sienna’s rear seat passengers to watch movies, play video games and listen to music. It features two seven-inch LCD Touch Screen Display monitors with integrated DVD players. The system is compatible with the Active Headrest Safety System so a fit kit is used to mount a docking station on the top of the driver’s and passenger’s front seats just below the headrest. The monitors are simple “plug and play” into the docking stations and can be easily removed if necessary. Each monitor can operate independently to allow for separate video or video game use and includes a pair of infrared wireless headphones1 with two user selectable channels(A and B) that offer superior stereo sound quality. Both monitors also feature RCA A/V jacks for connecting external inputs such as video game systems or digital cameras.